Speeding Up to Slow Down

Feel like life is moving too fast? When I moved to a small East Texas town (Mt. Pleasant) from a large urban city (San Antonio), I felt like my wife and I were at least 10 minutes ahead of everyone else.
We've lost touch with the longer, more leisurely rhythms of nature and have become obsessed with the manmade increments of time that we've imposed in order to give ourselves the illusion of control. Source: Bamboo Project Blog
As a technology director, I like to see things a bit different. Look around, and there is much work to do. Work, that if left undone, can only multiply and consume our time, death by a thousand cuts, later. Let us work hard now so that tomorrow, we might find new ways to innovate and save time. The goal is to eliminate your to-do list so you can have your hands free to grab new projects.

After all, leisure at work can yield unexpected, positive results.

Here are some ideas for eliminating your to-do list:

1) Keep a team list of due dates and projects that all can update. My team members will invariably see an iPad or Android phone in my hand for fancy to-do lists that involve dates when things must be done, etc. In fact, I keep a wiki page available that all team members can add to in lieu of a calendar. I'm not sure why it works better than the calendar, but it does. Sometimes, you just want to know what needs to be done and when, avoiding having to login to fancy calendars.

You don't have to use a wiki, it could be a GoogleDoc, or something else. So long as it's not a whiteboard in your office or a paper pad next to the sign-in sheet.

2) For personal projects, I take advantage of Evernote because of the checklist feature. Again, this is for longer-term projects that aren't going to necessarily get done immediately. Evernote makes this easy to do, and I keep my list there up to date with checkboxes.

3) Note-pad. For $8, I bought a memo pad faux leather protector (appears below), and it always generates comments like, "That reminds me of a cop taking notes!" We laugh and move on. The truth is that there are times when you don't want to unlimber your technology--although Evernote has made it so easy to leave voice comments, take pictures--and just want to be unobtrusive. A paper notepad works like magic here.

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