Friday, November 8, 2013

Kaplan Helps Map #College Path @arguhlin

In March 2011, my daughter (Aida) tested out Kaplan's online SAT prep course! She highly recommended it and we recorded her experience as a series of podcasts. I'm grateful that the NorthEast School of the Arts (NESA) has made it possible for all their students to experience Kaplan!

You can find Aida's "journey" through Kaplan's SAT online Prep course below as a series of podcasts. We just received her March, 2011 SAT scores and saw an improvement of 310 points from her diagnostic test to actual SAT scores in composite score (Math+CriticalReading+Writing). The main improvement--100 points--was in Mathematics and, in Writing, improving by 90 points.

Listen to the series (more to come):
  1. Episode 1 - Overview and First Impressions from a Teenage SAT Prep Student
  2. Episode 2 - Getting Started with Diagnostic Tests
  3. Episode 3 - Finding Out What the Classes are Like
  4. Episode 4 - Live Online Course Practice

One of the challenges of going to college is mapping the path ahead. I notice that Kaplan has a way to help with that:

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