How to Securely Backup Your Thunderbird Email #btsync #synchacks

Thanks to Kathie Pham for sharing my BitTorrent Sync blog entry on their blog, SyncHacks! I am still using BTSync to get the job done for backing up my Thunderbird email! It works fast, and has been a life-saver (time-saver, too!) for backing up my email.

I finally got smart and hooked up an external USB hard drive, so backups on one machine actually go straight to an external drive, which gives me peace of mind for having a backup of so much email.

Thanks again to BitTorrent Blog's SyncHacks and Kathie Pham for highlighting the post!

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Philippe said…
And you never had problem about some files locked, or impossible to sync ?
(... rejecting until file info is updated ). Even after Thunderbird shut-down or not even launched, even after fsck ... My email is not backed up safely.

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