What a powerful quote! What if we changed it a bit?

"...the time CTOs devote to building the capacity of their tech dept team to work collaboratively, the more effective those individual members will be."

I shudder to think what would happen if we failed to learn to work collaboratively in schools and technology departments. For example, in schools, we'd probably have the following situation:

  • Teachers plan alone then meet each other once a week to exchange lesson plans that don't make sense to anyone but the individual who wrote them.
  • Adversarial relationships are setup between campus admins and teachers.
  • Crucial confrontations about poor behaviors--on the part of admins and teachers--would never occur.
In Technology Departments, what might it look like if we succeeded in working collaboratively? Hmm...
  • We would develop a common vision based on a strong foundation of team synergy rather than individual dysfunction.
  • We would challenge mundane ideas and welcome a little crazy in to help us all think outside the box.
  • We wouldn't be afraid to express our ideas because our goal was to improve the ideas, achieve common vision, rather than avoid crucial confrontations. 
  • We would make sure that our team mates were affirmed, not just by the boss, but by each other.
What do you think?


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