5+ Fun Photo Slideshow Tools for your iPad

This past weekend, I spent half a day sharing a variety of content and ideas with English teachers, as well as encouraging them to create. Here are fun photo tools you can use to enhance teaching and learning:

1) 30 Hands Learning (free): This free app has worked phenomenally in the past by allowing you to sequence images from your Camera Roll, add audio to each as independent slides, then publish the narrated photos/images back to your Camera Roll as a video. Although they've been experiencing some technical difficulties (e.g. audio sync hasn't been perfect), the CEO, Eric Braun writes (via email on 11/10/2013;2:04pm) the following:
Good news! Apple just approved our latest version of 30hands Mobile, which I believe will resolve your synchronization issues and speed up publishing. Included is a new color palette, too, with skin tones and the ability to select from a full color palette.   
We would love to hear about your publishing results.  
Keep in mind, you do not need to recreate any presentations, only republish with the updated version. After the update, check on the settings tab to see that you are using version 1.3.40. 
Thanks again for your feedback and support!Eric30Hands Learning
2) Shadow Puppet (free): This is one of my new, free favorite apps, that gives you the opportunity to sequence images from your camera roll, then add audio narration to each as you "slide through" each image. Works great on iPhone and iPad. 

Added benefits include the ability to save your "Puppet" creation as a DRAFT, Save your Puppet to the Web, AND/OR save it to the Shadow Puppet web site.

Compare the top two apps to Sonic Pics ($2.99), which was  my first photo & audio narration app that creates movies you can save to your Camera Roll. Works quite well, but I don't see that many features (anymore) that differentiate it from the two free ones listed above. 
Note: For the above 3 apps, it's fun to create a video of images+audio, then drop it into another app like iMovie or Pinnacle Studio for further edits, additions, combining with other content.
Although you can use these apps for "photo narration," they can also be used for digital storytelling 
  1. Video: Digital Storytelling with the iPad or Computer (12 mins)
  2. Resources for Digital Storytelling

3) Everlapse (free): A new app that Jeanne Reed (@jeannereed1) introduced me to earlier today. It just lets you create and publish a web-based slideshow/flipbook sans audio. Playing around with it, I made the following creation:

4) StoryMe (free) - If you're into picture collages, comic strips, etc., then you'll want to explore StoryMe, which allows you to add simple effects to images. You can also organize them into panels. While not as powerful as Strip Designer, you can't beat it's simplicity and zero cost. 

A few other comic book makers, including newcomer BitStrips (which once was a web site but is now an iPad app!):

  1. Strip Designer ($2.99)
  2. StoryMe (Free)
  3. BitStrips.com (Free, requires Facebook access)
  4. Comic Maker HD (Free)
BitStrips is now an iPad app, not a web site!
  1. Observe: Making Your Own Comics (10 mins) | Optional: View Other Resources
  2. Read:
    1. Read Using Student Generated Comics in the Classroom
    2. Read Comics as Read Alouds

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Bob said…
Cool tool - the shadow puppet. I've heard about it but didn't try it out just yet. Recently I've created an app of my own, but I hear you have to get a copyright or something.. Too bad I used this song for it - it turns out you can't do that. So if you ever want to create a tool of your own, keep that in mind ;)
Nina said…
Excellent tools.Thanks for sharing with us. And thanks Bob for your valuable suggestion.
Stella said…
Nice and helpful post, I appreciate it really. Thanks for this. I have got my new I pad recently, Oh I will try this now :)

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