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SchoolCIO - The Undiscussables of tech leadership

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Every time I read this article, I find new examples of how I came up short. It's easy to remember one's failures, and critical to the future that one remember success, too. Jean Tower was kind enough to leave a comment:
Re: DAILY INSIGHT: The undiscussables of tech leadership
Miguel - You frame the discussion really well, and whether people recognize themselves in it or not, I think it applies to us all. There are days when I have the courage and the stamina needed to take things on, and there are days when I let some things ride. But in the large sense, in the big picture discussions, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there and challenge some established practices and ways of thinking.
By Jean Tower on   10/3/2013 5:26 AM

My response is, "Yes, absolutely, I know exactly what you're talking about. Some days, we're bone-weary of the effort of working through issues, and yet, it's only when we don't that we truly risk exhaustion. Exhaustion of our sanity, our ability to rebound. When we fail to confront the issues that are holding people back, stopping the organization from moving forward, we exhaust the resource most important to us--our spirit.

For that reason, it's uplifting to always put ourselves out there because only when we risk failure can we hope to achieve success.

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doug0077 said...

Hi Miguel,

Great article - one that's been needed?

Other than asking why our district is keeping its creaky old tech director, I think we should be asking the role of technology in creating change. Should change be driven by new abilities that technology gives educators - or should we following the lead of the curriculum and instruction department. (Hopefully it is a combined effort.) What happens if CI is stuck someplace in the dark ages? Do we follow, do we lead, or do we just do our own thing?


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