EdTechPalooza 2013 - The Definitive App Smasher's Guide

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The Definitive App Smasher's Guide
Description: Avoid succumbing to content app frenzy, instead center your use of iPads to create projects that allow for "app smashing." In this session, learn how you can blend the creations from one or more apps into incredibly fun creations. Get a free copy of iBook, "The Definitive App Smasher's Guide."

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Here's another App Smashing Slideshow:

Exploring Apps
Level 1 - Photo/Video Creation Apps

Download Links (if you need them):

    1. Camera Roll
    2. Tellagami - Read about it

Level 2 - Photo/Video Creation Apps

Get the App:

  Additional Resources
  • Watch this short video walkthrough via ECTV or Dropbox
 Example App Smashes
Source: Carl Hooker via Twitter
  1. Greg Kulowiec's App Smashing (@c)
    1. Round 1
    2. App Smash
    3. App Smashing
    4. RSA Animate on iPad
  2. Carl Hooker (@mrhooker)
    1. iCeption
    2. App Smash First Entry
  3. Reshan Richards ("Explain Everything" app co-founder) (@reshanrichards)
    1. App Smash Logo Crushed by Wrecking Ball
    2. AppSmash Entry 01
  4. Lisa Johnson (@techchef4u)
    1. App Synergy - The Art Form of App Smashing
  5. Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin)
    1. The Definitive App Smashers Guide (ebook featuring examples)
    2. App Smash Entry 1 (made before I even got out of bed this morning!)
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Miguel Guhlin
Twitter: @mguhlin
Email: mguhlin@gmail.com

Check out Miguel's Workshop Materials online at http://mglearns.wikispaces.com

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