Friday, September 27, 2013

Flipping Your Classroom #flippedpd #flip


About this Session
Title: Flipped Classroom Learning
Facilitator: Miguel Guhlin
Description: In this session, participants will become familiar flipped classroom learning possibilities and iPad/computer apps that make video recording easy. They will also be introduced to Twitter hashtags that allow them to follow other Flipped educators (view example of a Twitter chat #flippedpd).

Before Session
In a typical flipped classroom, students listen to pre-recorded video lectures before class and perform other learning activities in class. In this flipped structure, students are exposed to material before class via videos and readings, and they attain deeper knowledge in class via activities. We are doing the same in this workshop session.
  1. View Flipped Classroom VideoWatch this short video on flipped classroom learning. 
  2. Composing Video Reflections: Write 5+ sentences with your initial thoughts, concerns, questions, and ideas regarding the information that you just learned from the video.
  3. Sharing Your Video Reflections: Fill out this short online form. (Note: Here's what the online form looks like below)

During/After Session
  1. View self-paced, audio-narrated The Flipped Classroom: 6 Tips slideshow (less than 6 minutes)
  2. Watch these examples of Flipped Classroom Videos
  3. Slideshow without audio, The Flipped Classroom: 6 Tips
  4. Get Print Copy of handout:
Extend Your Learning with These Videos and Ideas
  1. Classroom Learning Management Tools:
    1. Setup Your Own Video Hosting location (Video - less than 5 minutes)- Creating videos but worried about placing them on YouTube because students can't get to them?  
    2. GoogleSites as your "virtual classroom hub" (Video - less than 5 minutes) - This is the tool you use to put all your resources online, share materials with students. View more videos via this web site.
  2. Screencast Creation Tools - 
    1. Computer and Web:
      1. Use either (web) or Audacity (computer) to record audio narrations. Both are free, works on all computer types. 
      2. Screencast-o-Matic is a web-based screen-recording tool that allows you to record your computer's screen. 
      3. TechSmith's SnagIt - This is the premiere $20 program to record screencasts on your computer. 
    2. iPad:
      1. Explain Everything ($2.99) - This is the must-have, go-to tool for creating screencasts on iPad and Android tablets. Let's you create and share content via GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc. Watch this video highlighting its features.
      2. TouchCast (free) - This is an AWESOME tool.
      3. EduCreations (free) - Try EduCreations. Works great, is free, and easy to share online through their web site. Drawbacks: Can't export video and their web site is slow to load.
  3. More Flipped Classroom Videos via YouTube
    1. Parent Version - Intro to Flipped Classroom -
    2. Student Version - Intro to Flipped Classroom -
  4. Miscellaneous Articles and Communities
    1. Flipped Learning Network web site and Flipped Classroom Community of Educators
    2. 6 Steps to a Flipped Classroom by Josh Corbat (Twitter: @TeachThought)
    3. Flipping the Classroom with Explain Everything and Google Drive

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Jeanne Reed said...

Thanks for sharing this terrific resource! I am a big fan of the flipped classroom. Get the basic lesson (uninterrupted) out of the way and have the gift of time to dive deeper in the classroom with guided instruction. I'm concerned that teachers new to flipping their classroom may see lower scores and be discouraged, especially by Admin to stop flipping. Ramsey Musallam during his STEMx Conference keynote (the recordings here pointed out that changing the flow in his flipped classroom made a huge difference. Hers's some research that describes it further, What do you think?

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