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"Let's move away from apps," I remember thinking earlier this summer, and "focus on creativity." It's a thought that has stuck with me over the last few months, leading to my fascination with app smashing and passing that simple concept with complex workflows on to others.

Bud Hunt's, "What Apps Should I buy?" reminds me of the nagging doubts I've had about the search for the perfect's so easy to be an app junkie. I can tell you honestly that I am an app junkie when it comes to taking notes. Even though I have Evernote, which is all the note-taking power anyone could need, I find myself keeping copies of the following on my iPad:

  1. Noteshelf
  2. Penultimate
  3. Nocs
  4. Grafio (also, Idea Sketch, iMindMapHD)
  5. AudioNote (includes audio recording and synchronized note-taking)
  6. Evernote
  7. Voice Record (includes audio recording and note-taking)
  8. inClass
Of course, playing with apps, discovering workflows has been part of my fascination with the iPad. While many of my colleagues discard the iPad because they assert it can't do everything a laptop can, I find that, Yes, I can

Consider Silvia Tolisano's (Langwitches) blog entry, What the iPad is and What it isn't:
  1. iPad lacks Storage Space - With 64gigs of space on my iPad, Dropbox (27gigsfree, 100 paid), Drive (25gigs paid), I don't lack for space to save projects. In fact, space only becomes an issue for app junkies who fill their iPads with pages of worthlessness...that is, apps they don't use.
  2. Multi-user logins - Yes, I agree that this is a problem, but many apps allow one to login/logout of them, making it possible to have user profiles/data saved side by side with each other online.
  3. Heavy typing tasks - I do most of my typing on an iPad these days using my Airbender case from New Trent. The problem isn't the typing, it's the thinking.
  4. Traditional software - Spare me, MS Office is dead/dying. Find the tools that work for you.
Silvia goes on to make some wonderful points about the changing perception of the iPad, a shift defined by moving away from consumption to creativity tool. Amen to that!

"That's what bothers me," a part of me says, the part that reaches for the iPad when it's bored. "That's what bothers me when I look at my iPad. It's my Nook, my Kindle, my Netflix, my podcast/vidcast tool, my cartoon maker, my everything tool...Why aren't I creating more?"

Earlier this summer, I wanted to launch a meme--Create Once a Week. The blog entry is still in the draft pile. If we each took the time to create 1 project per week with our iPads, wow, how powerful could that be?

Here's the relevant excerpt from that blog entry on Create Once a Week although I'm stealing @bhwilkoff 's hashtag of #iPadcreate instead of using my original one:
The reason this idea has been rolling about in my head--without much interference--is that I have access to so many powerful creativity apps on the iPad. But, you know what? I'm caught up like a lot of folks in worthless app acquisition activities. So what if I have 64 gigs of space on my iPad? Am I filling it up with content or just powerful apps I'll seldom use?
And, another thing--creating something unleashes tremendous power. I feel FANTASTIC after I create something and can keep working for hours. I have been pushing electrons too long--you know, digital paperwork--and while that was fun, I really need to get back into creative mode.

Join me in feeling fantastic through the act of creation...and use your iPad for more than just reading the latest news.

So, here goes:

Meme Rules
1) Share a powerful story about something in your school using your iPad.
2) Post it online
3) Add the hashtag #ipadcreate and share it with the world via twitter.

Tag a Few Other Folks:
1) Tweet this web link, tagging folks to participate.

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