BYOT Your Way to Success @haikudeck

The following Haiku Deck was created with the web version of Haiku Deck! I made up the BYOT slides from the top of my head. I hope that it is OK to share that this was made with the web version of one of my top 5 iPad apps, NOT the iPad app itself. Very nice interface and easy to use!

Here's the disclaimer that I hope this blog entry is not running afoul of:
As much as we'd love for you to spread the word and get others excited about Haiku Deck, we also ask that you keep the specifics of what you're testing confidential during the testing period. Please do not take or post screenshots, or share specifics, with others (including bloggers or the media).
Did I mention how delighted I am that Haiku Deck's web version works so very much like the iPad version as to be indistinguishable?!?

Ok, a slight glitch: BYOT Tip #2 is looks like this:

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