Saturday, August 24, 2013

Readdle Documents Stumbles For Me @readdle @ifilesapp

With a few zillion ePubs loaded onto my iPad, I used Readdle Documents to view ePubs. Unfortunately, the last few times Readdle Documents iPad app has been upgraded, it crashes when opening large ePub files.

The only fix is to either remove the ePub file from my iPad--which I have to do using Linux connection to my iPad, which can be inconvenient if I'm out and about--or uninstall Readdle Documents and then reinstall.

Unfortunately, that means you lose all your data in Documents. Ouch, since that's where I store ALL my documents (e.g. videos, ePubs, PDFs, other documents, photos) on my iPad. I have to make a backup first (which can take awhile), then remove the failing app, and reinstall. It works, but...not all that great.

Today, that happened again. As a result, I loaded iFiles ($2.99), which I'd used extensively before Readdle Documents came along, and now, I use iFiles and my Barnes&Noble Nook App to read my ePubs (I like it better than the sluggish iBooks).

I have two requests:

1) Readdle Documents - Fix this. i've written you about this before and offered a possible solution. Don't ask me to send you my ePubs, though. Solution: When Documents resumes, have it go straight to the main Documents screen rather than the document being viewed.

2) iFiles - How about adding ePub support to your file viewer?

Both requests would make your products work better for your end-users/customers like me. How about it?

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