MyNotes: 10 Essential District Infrastructure Questions


Note: These are absolutely questions that come up. In fact, I remember working through some of these--but not all--when we upgraded our internet bandwidth. What a great refresher!


10 essential questions to address when assessing WAN and LAN infrastructure:

  1. Transport pipe—Will the pipe that carries internet bandwidth be big enough?

  2. Routers, switches and hubs --Will your networking equipment handle all the traffic?

  3. Firewall--Can the Firewall handle the new upgrades?

  4. Filter—Is the filter designed to handle the amount of traffic?

  5. Demarcation point –Is there a clear demarcation point?

  6. Wiring—Is the wiring in the building up to standards for the new upgraded internet speed?

  7. Wiring Closets (MDF and IDF—Is there adequate heating, cooling and ventilation?

  8. Backbone—Does the school have a fiber backbone connecting MDF and IDF’s?

  9. Electricity—Is there adequate electricity in the wiring closets to sure all the upgraded hardware?

  10. POE—Are all the switches able to accommodate Power over Ethernet?


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