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Thanks to this EduSLAM! on Explain Everything and Evernote (thanks to the hosts and +Reshan Richards ), I found out about, a blog that is created from whatever you post to an Evernote Notebook and tag "published"--isn't that amazing? Not amazed? Think about doing this with your students from their iPads! Instant publishing that parents, community can access with little teacher intervention (or as much as you like).

Even more amazing is that you can handle formatted text, as well as Markdown text! creates blog posts and pages from your notes in Evernote. One simply creates a note in a Notebook they've specified when creating a site. then converts those notes to published posts and pages.
The process to get things going is pretty straightforward...just go to web site:

In the screenshot below, you can see my notebook, 2Blog, has two entries that are tagged with "published" and as such will appear on the Around the Corner Blog.

The implications for this are...well, imagine if you have students turning work in (which is pretty necessary when you're working with an app like BookCreator with ePub formatted output files or anything).

You simply email it to the Evernote account, add the @NotebookName, then you (or you can let your students do it, although that's up to you depending on your students) tag it as #published

This is also great for sharing notes from meetings, conferences, etc. They are instantly posted...and since has an RSS feed, there's more magic possible!

What is even neater is that you can grab the RSS feed from your blog and run it through, can pretty much send an RSS feed anywhere!

Take that RSS Feed from your blog and...
Once it's posted in Blogger, it will get reposted and shared again with others. (BTW, if you want to see a step by step on how to create an IFTTT recipe, keep reading below....)

Quick Tip: Be sure to remove the URL from Evernote (you can paste it in the body of the Note if you need it to appear), otherwise will simply post a link to the original item. That might not work so well if you want your Note to reflect your comments.

For example, here's an Evernote Note that will be auto-posted to this blog:

Click on the Info link to remove the URL that appears:

Evernote may be back on my Christmas list! Thanks,!

Follow these steps to create a recipe that will auto-post whatever gets shared at your blog to Blogger. There are a million other places to go than Blogger, so just play around until you get the effect you want:

Choose Feed icon below....

Pick your trigger below...

Paste your feed address...

Choose your desired destination...

Note that there are many more outlets...I'm focusing on Blogger

Make adjustments as you need to...

Create and activate your recipe...then wait for the magic to happen!

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