External Database for Student Accounts #moodle @diben

A colleague recently wrote me, asking the following:
I never setup Active Directory for my students in Moodle, and now I need to get student accounts setup. What should I do?
If you can't get Active Directory setup--and that's well worth doing if you have your students in it--then an alternative I recommend involves using an external database for student account authentication.
This method uses an external database table to check whether a given username and password is valid. If the account is a new one, then information from other fields may also be copied across into Moodle. (Source: Moodle Manage Authentication Screen)


Using an external database for authentication enables one to setup a MySQL database with all the student info--including the fake disabled email accounts--and students would just login with their student ID# and stock password (birth month/day, perhaps), which they would change after login.

The student relevant information pulled from the external database includes the following:
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name (Surname)
  3. Email address
  4. City/Town
  5. Country
  6. Language
  7. Description
  8. Web page
  9. ID #
  10. Institution
  11. Department
  12. Phone #1
  13. Phone #2
  14. Address

This can be a low-cost option for districts who haven't setup student users on LDAP/Active Directory. I highly recommend it over uploading users directly into Moodle.

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