Data warehouse in your future? @nosleeps

Over ten years ago, I worked in a large urban school district that needed to disaggregate data, mix and match it, combining student data with assessment info from vendors. That need has only increased for all school districts! And, it isn't just about assessment data. It is also about creating file uploads, automating data uploads to vendors, blending of data results, web based interface to the sea of data to allow easy access to data that would normally be difficult to get to.

Unfortunately, there weren't many vendors who could get the job done then. And, for a school district to build its own data warehouse was cost prohibitive! The cost of hiring a database administrator (DBA) is around $85k...

Here is a diagram that tries to capture what a data warehouse might look like...what am I missing? What should be added?

By the way, I made this graphic organizer using Idea Sketch on my iPad...I am pretty picky about graphic organizer apps and I was pleased at how easy it was to use. By paying $3.99 for an in app purchase, lot more features opened up! 

Some of my favorites:

  • Export image, PDF, svg formatted files to Dropbox and other places (not googleDrive yet)
  • Import text copied from other apps
  • Switch to outline view

Some features I wish were available:

  • Export to google drive
  • Easy edit of idea sketch title (I couldn't figure it out!)
  • Share to twitter (Facebook share is already available)

Kudos to the developers!


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