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Here are my responses to questions that appeared in my inbox:

Update: In case the slideshow doesn't play, watch it over at Haiku Deck.

In my inbox this morning were these questions...for fun, here are my responses in a Haiku Deck. You can also read this blog entry I wrote earlier.
Hello Miguel,
Thanks for your participation in the AVAST Free for Education program. We really appreciate you being our client. I’m wondering if you are willing to answer few questions for our PR activities, because we’d love to  tell others who may benefit from this program. Please look at these:
1.       What lead up you to using AVAST?  
2.       What do you like about AVAST (antivirus and Free for Education program)?  
3.       How did you hear about the education program from AVAST? (I would appreciate if you could add some more information or details.)  
4.       I suppose you save (or you will save) some money by moving to this software. Can you tell me or estimate how much it is for one year?  
5.       What will this money be spent on?  
6.       WHY would you recommend AVAST to other schools and educational institutions?

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