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Source: Carl Hooker via Twitter

While Carl Hooker has characterized "app smashing" efforts he has ongoing with a few folks as "App Smashers Fight Club," and identified a series of rules, I regret that I didn't quite understand it all. That may be because I haven't seen Fight Club since the premise didn't really connect with me.

That said, as my twitter account has been inundated by a flood of creative tweets and products from fellow app smashers, I have begun to catch the gist of what's involved. As a result, I found myself perceiving the app smashing going on less as a "fight club" defined by rules and more of musicians jamming out for fun. Of course, I don't play a musical instrument myself so can only intuit what this is like.

I'm reminded of the movie, That Thing You Do, that features a drummer ("Guy 'Shades' Patterson" played by actor Tom Everett Scott) jamming with fellow musician great, Dell Paxton. I identify with the drummer, someone who's not quite there finding himself playing with the greats.

"Can I jam with you a bit?" Dell Paxton asks Guy. Here's the video clip:

What's neat about app smashing projects being shared on Twitter is that we're all sharing app smashing jam. Why don't you join in?

In the meantime, here are a few of the products I've seen slip by in my Twitter stream...I hope there will be more to come:

  1. Greg Kulowiec's App Smashing (@c)
    1. Round 1
    2. App Smash
    3. App Smashing
    4. RSA Animate on iPad
  2. Carl Hooker (@mrhooker)
    1. iCeption
    2. App Smash First Entry
  3. Reshan Richards ("Explain Everything" app co-founder) (@reshanrichards)
    1. App Smash Logo Crushed by Wrecking Ball
    2. AppSmash Entry 01
  4. Lisa Johnson (@techchef4u)
    1. App Synergy - The Art Form of App Smashing
  5. Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin)
    1. The Definitive App Smashers Guide (ebook featuring examples)
    2. App Smash Entry 1 (made before I even got out of bed this morning!)

I'm looking forward to making shorter ones (my first entry was way too long) and seeing what others have to share!

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