The Definitive App Smashing Guide (no, of course not!) #iPaded #ec3ta13 #free #ipad

For fun, I decided to create a short ebook (e.g. multimedia ePub for iBook) that summarizes some of the main points of app smashing workshop and blends in an example of digital poetry as I once taught it.

Get a free copy of The Definitive App Smasher's Guide...
  • ePub version (best viewed on an iPad in iBooks, otherwise it's a bit dull looking )
  • PDF version (ok, this one has the pictures but not the audio/video, so...)
Have fun and drop a note in the comments!!

Special thanks to the following:
  • Whomever I swiped the cover image from before adapting it for my own use. Sigh.
  • Greg K at The History 2.0 Classroom blog. I apologize now for using your name in vain and swiping your awesome title for app smashing. 
  • Anyone I may have left out but needs an affirmation.

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Anonymous said…
Your book is wonderful! I love the phrase Greg coined "app smashing" and appreciate seeing it in action in your book. You are quite the expert and I'm learning a great deal from you. Thank you for that opportunity. I see how elementary and middle schoolers with just a small amount of direction can really take flight and swiftly rise to using multiple apps to make cool projects come to life. Thanks for sharing! Quick questions about publishing in your district that you shared: Why do you have public ECTV? Did you mean to say it was private? If it is public, why not just use YouTube? Thanks, Jeanne

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