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At ISTE 2013, Dr. Scott Mcleod (Dangerously Irrelevant) and I had the chance to discuss the profound changes that happen when someone starts blogging. Due to the blogging, the constant reflection, the interactions, your life changes. It not only changes a little, it changes a lot!

Of course, I had this blog entry in mind--even though I only posted it today--and I was gratified to read an affirmation of this idea by Jeff Utecht:
It has been an incredible year and one that I owe to all of you who read this blog, retweet things and help me spread the message. In September of 2005 when I created this blog I never thought it would lead to this. That eight years later I would be doing what I’m doing, I would have laughed you out of the room. It’s crazy to look back and know this all started with this blog and with you pushing my own thinking and learning in the process. So I owe all of this to you….the community that is the Internet.
Note that in this excerpt, Jeff credits his blog, the transformative dialogue with the community that shifted his thinking and learning. My conversation with Scott reminded me of the several folks who started blogging and ended up consultants or in other places.

As a blogger who thought he'd always be creating, I often find myself standing in the road staring into the horizon. At times like those, I ask myself, have I run out of ideas relevant to the community or am I back in the coccoon until another transformation occurs?

What impact has our journey of transformation--which began with a blog or twitter post--fundamentally shifting our thinking, and those of others around them really had? How do you assess that?

When I ask myself why I blog, it's pretty simple response. I want to answer a question that's itching my brain. When I ask why I continue blogging, it's a desire to share what I find out with others, as well as make it easy for myself to discover my response.

I often think I'm stuck as kindergarten teacher of a blogging school. That's because I meet so many folks but then they move on to something else. While I'm thrilled about the change, I wonder...What is the evolution of the blogger? Is consulting, book writing gig the only thing at the end of the journey?

For fun, here's one diagram...where would you put yourself on this? Or better yet, how would you redesign this diagram?

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Scott McLeod said…
I do agree that blogging changes us. Those of us who have been blogging for a while can attest that blogging is a very impactful experience.

I'm not sure about your graph, though. For many, is it a desire to make money or a desire to spread ideas and influence?

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