Go Crucial

Trying to summarize what I know, make it easier to share with others, I found myself playing extensively with Haiku Deck earlier tonight. What started out as a short play session turned into several hours of presentation development. Whew!

Why spend so much time on this? Some of my colleagues are attempting to merge key tenets of Crucial Conversations and Fierce Conversations into a presentation. As I looked at their slides, filled with bullet points, I asked myself, How would you introduce these concepts differently? One of the main challenges is introducing people to a wealth of behaviors, different ways of behaving in a way that's engaging. On that count, I believe my presentation fails. Still, going through this helps me begin the process of working with images and ideas, and I hope one day, to see it differently from the lens of a school administrator.

So, my version isn't necessarily any better except that it includes pretty images...after all, it was an excuse to revisit concepts I'm trying to incorporate into my approach as a team leader and play with Haiku Deck while I'm at it. The presentation is still in draft and will undoubtedly be updated some more.

That playing aside, what are your thoughts about introducing school principals to these ideas?


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