Favorite #iPad Apps

Over the last year, I've had the opportunity to work with lots of different iPad apps. I've spent lots of money (about $200) on all the different paid apps, as well as some that I managed to pick up thanks to just in time notifications via AppsForFree app (free itself).

Here are my favorite apps that have survived the cut:


In this first screenshot, you can see that these are my essential apps laying on top of the heap.

  • Mail - Since I don't use Gmail for my primary email (gandi.net), I find Mail to work quite well as my email client.
  • AppsGoneFree - This is a fantastic free app that helps you find other free apps. I prefer it to AppsFire (which I removed after a week of experimentation).
  • App Store - Since I find myself spending a lot of time in the App Store from time to time for updates, I decided to just add it to my home screen.
  • Settings - Same thing as the App Store.
  • GoogleDrive and Dropbox - While Dropbox is my go-to for personal content, I use GoogleDrive for work related stuff (e.g. GoogleApps for Education). 
  • Calendars+ - This is a paid app from Readdle, and it works wonderfully well to sync all my calendars (personal and work) in one place. Very easy to use and worth the money if you have to manage lots of calendars.
  • Photos - Organize your photos into albums with this handy app.
  • In my dock, you can see some of my all-time favorite apps including Readdle Documents. The NOCS app enables me to create markdown text files which are auto-saved to Dropbox. This is my Evernote note replacement approach and works quite well.


  1. Hootsuite - This is my all-time favorite social media dashboard.
  2. Twitter - A simple app that makes it easy to see who is following you. I've often removed it and then found myself reinstalling it because of how easy it is to see who is interacting with you.
  3. Flipboard - A great way to interact with Google Reader RSS feeds, Twitter follower tweets, and more. What's neat is you can re-share content to lots of other places, including a FlipBoard magazine you have created. Zite is another way to interact with content; I like it because it exposes me to fresh sources of blog entries and news that Flipboard does not.
  4. Pocket - Since Evernote removed RSS feeds for EvernotePublic Notebooks, I switched to Read It Later's Pocket and have been very happy. I use Pocket in combination with IFTTT.com to easily share my content with others.
  5. Feedly - A Google RSS reader replacement. I like it because it offers me another way to interact with RSS content.
  6. Posts (Free!!) - This is my new favorite blogging tool and beats out Blogsy. In fact, I'm writing this blog entry using Posts.
  7. Downcast ($1.99) - This is my podcast RSS subscriber. It is my favorite podcast tool and beats the iPad's default tool.
  8. Edmodo and Facebook are simply kept because so many others use them.


Whew, there are tons of great apps for creativity. You can see my go-to apps in the top row. I use them for quite a bit, especially creating presentations to share with others. Apps like Explain Everything ($2.99), Haiku Deck, 30Hands Learning, Keynote are my must have presentation tools (and work great for flipped classroom approaches), while others enable book creation (e.g. Book Creator ($2.99) and Creative Book Builder ($3.99)). I use Skitch for pixelizing images with students and not much else.

My favorite video editing tool is Pinnacle Studio ($12.99), which I think beats iMovie ($4.99) for creating enhanced podcasts with multiple audio tracks. However, iMovie ($4.99) is also nice for some of the features (e.g. book/movie trailers) you can create with it.

While I have lot of other apps, these are the ones that have survived. on my "Creativity" screen. A few others I've added include the following...of these, Recordium is a great audio recording app enabling you to do recordings and/or annotate the audio by highlighting it! You can search a long time before finding a good one.


Some of my favorite photo apps:

  1. Photo Booth - A funny app to modify photos.
  2. Instant Sketch - Turn any photo into a sketch. Nifty!
  3. Transferable ($.99) - Lets you easily download pictures directly from your iPad's Camera Roll.
  4. Video 2 Photo ($1.99)- Take a video and slice out photos/images from that video. 
  5. FlickStackr ($1.99) and Flickr Studio ($1.99) - Both are great Flickr photo management apps.
  6. Aviary - An image editor. I haven't spent too  much time.
  7. Mover + - Easily move videos/photos from one iPad to another.
  8. Over (free today 07/08/2013; normally $1.99) - An image editing tool...just picked it up today for free.


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