Cwittering - Trimming Twitter-Following

Savage your writing with revisions until all the romance of your original words are replaced with what should be written and only what should be written. Source: Pure Church
Any writer knows that merciless editing and revision go together with writing. Why not apply the principal to the micro-blogs so many of us publish "minutely" (yes, that's a mis-use for fun) via Twitter?
Cutting Who you follow on Twitter = Cwittering

Flipboard enables one to create magazines of the micro-blog content we follow. You can see one of my two attempts at merciless editing online. Of course, I'm applying the concept of editing articles that people in real time have written.

Of the countless information sources available, how will you serve as editor to control what is shared? I imagine that we see content curation as two funnel joined, both open wide at either end, narrow in the center where the filtering happens. Yet, I have no interest in gathering opinions from across the globe, only an eclectic mix of perspectives that I both agree and disagree with, that teach me the art of argument. Jeanne Reed takes me to task for my blog entry, Follow Me! which I wrote as a way of clarifying my own intentions for blocking the entry funnel, narrowing the trickle of tweets down to hundreds per day instead of thousands.
Aside: My thanks to Jeanne Reed for pushing back on blog entry I wrote earlier this week. It's a shame we don't see more of this behavior, but it may be that some know better than to argue with foogglers (bloggers who are fools). In Jeanne's case, I know it's an honest desire to engage in a learning conversation.
 Surprisingly, I haven't found myself seeing as much duplication of ideas...the well-connected, whose mouths gape wide to capture the rain from passing clouds, often retweet, granting me access to primary sources.
Seems a bit harsh to unfollow people for sharing curated material or for mentioning a sports team (I love Notre Dame Football, Lakers, Bulls and Blackhawks, though I probably won't tweet about them). Do you remember when someone you admired followed you? How it made you feel just a wee bit more important or just plain happy inside? I don't understand why you can't follow thousands of people. I use lists to group people that I want to read their latest tweets, and search @ for their whole stream, and # for topics. What am I missing? Just create a list with your select few. Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying learning from you. 
Merciless editing. In the final analysis, merciless editing isn't about being harsh, but recognizing that what each of us writes and shares may or may not find its way to the cutting room floor. I do not seek spiritual affirmation from the masses who follow. Such happiness as Jeanne refers to is poor comfort in the long run, which I've enjoyed as a blogger and twitter user. Rather, I seek the learning that comes from minds equally merciless, sharing what best they know and do. Civility and accountability go hand in hand, but so few practice it.

For these merciless editors, unafraid to thin the ranks of those they follow (cwittering: the act of thinning who you follow on Twitter), happiness is a by-product of work well done. For them, my imperfections may earn me a hallowed spot on the cutting room floor. And, I welcome it.

Instead, we should see more active engagement on hashtag conversations...instead of following everyone to begin a dialogue, share a hashtag that invites conversation and enables others to track it in virtual space.

Perhaps, my next blog entry should be a letter of apology for my harshness at silencing so many tweets en masse. Hmm...
I felt a great disturbance in my Twitter following, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
(in truth, it was but a few thousand and their voices live on in the echoes of those I still follow, about 226 now).

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