App Smashing Guide - What? Not Sure How to Get It, #iPad fanatics?

Ok, so I had this really interesting email from Janie:
I saw your discussion on the TCEA forum and would like to look at the epub version of your App Smasher's Guide.
I am embarrassed to have to ask, but can you tell me how to get it into iBook on my iPad?
I tried just clicking on it from the post
I tried downloading and emailing to myself. (too large for my gmail)
I tried putting it in my dropbox
I tried putting it on my GoogleDrive
I looked at the iBook store

Jumpin' Jehosophat! That's a lot of work. Watch this video on how to get free The Definitive App Smashers Guide.

Janie wrote back and shared:
Perfect!  This was exactly what I needed.  I am listening to your cover now.
I can see that there is much I can learn from you.  I shall be adding your blog to my reading list.
Thanks so much for you quick response and your help. 
It only took a few minutes out of my lunch to help out!

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