3 Rules for Writing Well

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After having Wes Fryer (SpeedofCreativity.org) hang out in your house for a few days, one can't help but be inspired to write a book...any book, albeit, an ebook. That's why I've started playing around with iBook Author recently...playing. While I'm not sure the end result will be publish worthy, I hope some will find the ideas useful when it's done.

In the meantime, I don't know about other writers, but I am inspired when I read advice on writing. I have been so focused on reading EdTech Reform, edtech blog entries, that I forgot that the one bit of writing that really gets me worked up is books and articles on writing.

That's why, for fun, I thought I'd combine these two blog entries featuring Ernest Hemingway's advice via Copyblogger and Stephen King's advice via The Positivity Blog on writing:

#1 - Keep it short, vigorous and to the point.
Where Stephen King writes, "Get to the point," Hemingway is more specific--"Use short sentences" and "short paragraphs." Impatient readers--and who isn't with a million blog and news entries--will move on. King also encourages "cutting down your text," slash-n-burning out the redundant. Ensure what you write punches through the ice rather than merely scratches the surface.

#2 - Be authentic, honest.
"Be relatable," counsels King, in development of characters. Authentic people who share their warts and foibles, successes and failures. Hemingway encourages you to say what is rather than what isn't. Be honest about the reality, describe what is present, not the absence.

#3 - Be emotionally self-sufficient.
When writing, you find yourself craving approval from others. King suggests one listen to those who affirm, and less to critics. Hemingway's approach focuses on writing, polishing until he gets the diamond. That means keeping the good while removing the bad. The less attached you are to your writing, the more you can focus on that.

Oh, what fun this has been. My apologies to the original bloggers and, of course, the famous authors. 3 rules seems so short, but accomplishing them so difficult.

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Wesley Fryer said…
Great advice! I'm so glad you're contemplating a book...

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