Dumping Google+ Comments

While quite a few web sites are pondering the benefits of Google+ Comments, I've decided to dump them. This came after an email from esteemed colleague, Doug Johnson, who writes:
For some reason, you blog doesn't seem to want me to leave a comment. Feel free to add this reply to your blog if so inclined.
When I dug deeper, I realized that you had to have a Google+ account to leave a comment. While it may seem perfectly natural to Google for everyone to have a "Plus" account, I occasionally do support folks to leave comments anonymously, etc.

And, while some might think that anonymous commenters only leave spam, the truth is that the old Blogger commenting system makes it a cinch to deal with it. Google+, on the other hand, requires me to go to every comment and mark it as spam (it's not called that, though, per se). After having done that 10 times in a row, I decided Google + comments wasn't up to the challenge.

Is anyone else annoyed by Google's efforts to make Plus the center of the universe? I can only speculate as to how long I'll be able to hold out on Blogger before having to move to another blog host.


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Alfred Thompson said…
I recently dumped Google+ comments for pretty much the same reason. It did cut down on spam but I didn't like that people had to have a G+ account to comment. I'll deal with the limited spam I get
renae said…
I'm so annoyed & frustated w/ G+ period. Do you know or could you tell me how to get just Blogger back?

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