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Virtual Manipulatives #iste13

What a fascinating opportunity to listen to the topic of virtual manipulatives and the research on using them to enhance math instruction in the classroom! The presenters include Julie McCleod and Mary Jo Dondlinger.
Here are some of the slides they shared, which include some links to virtual manipulatives:

Neat slide that reflects the placement of virtual manipulative web sites (which use Flash BTW, so not sure if this would work well on iPad without Photon or Puffin browser):

Keep It Simple: Yet Another Wrap-Up of Privacy Tools

Image one former NSA official noted, "You have to assume everything is being collected." (Read More)Update 05/28/2014 - TrueCrypt is now defunct
I'm not willing to trade privacy (defined by people being able to read all my confidential data, communications) for security.

As much interest I have in encrypting confidential communications and data that K-12 schools are involved in, there seems little point in attempting to do so under the full scale assault of governments--American and British--tapping into the Internet pipe via PRISM, MAINWAY,MARINA, and NUCLEON, as well as their foreign counterparts . You'd think that with all that computing firepower, they'd be able to bring about the "world peace" equivalent when it comes to identity theft!

Not only that, but that encrypted communications can actually be archived and kept LONGER than unencrypted ones...well, that's too much. 
...specifically to encrypted information, allowing it to gather the data reg…

Be an App Smasher #iste13 #ipaded #ipad #iplza13

Notes: Here is the final draft of materials for an app smashing session I facilitated earlier this month in one blog entry. What is so delightful are the products teachers created, of which only a small sample has been placed immediately below (the other products include multimedia ePubs created with Book Creator app, and comics created with Strip Designer). Kudos to them for their first time efforts!

Teacher Projects (video only)
Animal Crackers on Parade (absolutely hilarious)Nightmare on Sinclair Road These were developed by teachers participated in a local school district's EC3 Program, which happens to use iPads to enhance teaching and learning. You can find Mary Ray's (@mray29) overview of the EC3 program online; she shared it at iPadPalooza 2013 Conference last week.

Are YOU an App Smasher? Be an App Smasher!Agenda


1. Getting Comfortable with the Apps: Level 1 and Level 2 Apps 2. Overview of App Smashing 3. Writing Workshop - Digital Poetry with Kenneth Koch 4. Publish…

Constructing eLearning Environments

Note: This is a revised article...2nd edition I suppose (smile).
Constructing eLearning Environments

Creative Commons (ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution) Copyright 2013 Miguel Guhlin

"A habitude," shares Angela Maiers in her new book, Classroom Habitudes (, "is the combination of habits and attitudes." Angela makes the point that as teachers, we often work from checklists. Instead she challenges her readers by asking, "Is the checklist we operate from, our scope and sequence of traditional; skills and lessons, enough for our students to invent, create, collaborate, and solve their own problems?" The 6 habitudes, according to Angela, include imagination, curiousity, perseverance, self-awareness, courage, and adaptability. Online learning environments seem to bring out some of these habitudes.

In an Introduction to Online Learning course I  facilitated, here are 3 comments participants--some of whom had never participated …

Old Friends, Fresh Reflections

Caption: Isn't that an awesome team? Instructional Technology
Left to Right: Stephanie Zunker, Mary Ray, Marguerite Lowak, and Miguel Guhlin

Yesterday at iPadPalooza 2013, I had the good fortune to encounter the "Mother of TA:TEKS." For the unenlightened, Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TA:TEKS) were going to change the world, clearly articulating a vision for what children in Texas needed to learn to use technology effectively in an ever-changing world.

The chairperson for the committee that authored the TA:TEKS was Patsy Lanclos, a technology director that left the field in glory only to return in her next incarnation as a knowledge architect and education consultant. And, she pointed out to me, has authored at least 5 books on the subject of Apple devices in schools.
In the image below, you can see our chance encounter prompted me to see if I could play an old joke on Patsy, mainly that of introducing her as the Mother of TA:TEKS. My thank…