Yawn, a terabyte at Flickr

Ok, I've already paid my $40 for two years of Flickr, moved much of my image collection over there from PicasaWeb--which was murdered by Google in its attempt to make Google + more attractive--but Flickr has left me desiring more.

As I heard on NPR today, Yahoo acquired Tumblr. But everyone is hoping that they won't do to Tumblr what they did to Flickr and Delicious...let them languish into near obscurity or worthlessness. Still, Flickr appears to be trying to do something different, maybe Yahoo's attempt to say, "Hey, we still care." But a terabyte of storage...well, who cares? I have 9 gigs of photos, but a terabyte isn't going to turn me into an avid photographer.

What's missing on Flickr is what drew me to Instagram (everything I post on Instagram goes straight to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc)--the Power to Share easily with my social network, my family and friends, with complete strangers.

Flickr is Web 2.0, while Instagram is Web something else. Sure, Instagram has had its PR problems, but...sharing is what makes Instagram powerful, and Flickr just an old shoebox.

Image Source: http://goo.gl/xvtIJ

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