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Training Your Technicians - DRAFT Proposal #edtechchat

Is this a crazy idea? Sometimes, you think something for so long, that you start to think it makes sense and maybe, it doesn't. 


Check out this DRAFT proposal I'm putting together...constructive feedback welcome!

This proposal recommends that the District fund Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ training for all Technician I and II staff members and pay the cost of certification exams for first attempt. Certification and training must be linked to job descriptions and advancement.

District technicians in the District are currently auxiliary staff members who are low-paid and need access to training opportunities that enable them to better serve the District technology support needs.
technicians often learn as they go, but seldom receive any formal training. This lack of training impairs performance, impedes student learning, and results in longer down-time for
faculty, staff, and students. Other school districts have begun or have been sending their technical support staff for training and paying for certification.

As a result, district technical support staff need access to structured learning opportunities that help them to better understand the best trouble-shooting possible in schools. For a variety of factors, technicians are unable to pursue training and certification on their own. Peer training opportunities are limited due to the small pool of knowledge available.

The total cost of sending all technical support staff through specialized training and obtaining certification is $11,380.00. Below, please find the details on the budget:

Technician Training
Training Type
Staff lack the critical problem-solving skills for resolving district technical issues.
5 technical staff
CompTIA A+ training through TestOut LabSim courses
$4000 =(5 staff x $800 per course 1 seat license)
District Technology Office lacks a way to differentiate between levels of technicians aside from salary.
5 technical staff
CompTIA A+ Certification Exam
$1500 =(5 staff x $300 per exam)

Total Cost

Technology Management
Training Type
Staff lack the critical problem-solving skills for resolving district network issues.
2 technology managers
Cisco Certified Network Assistant (CCNA) training through TestOut LabSim courses
$1390 = (2 staff x $695 per course 1 seat license)
Linux support for existing systems
1 technology manager
1 technology director
CompTIA Linux+ Training
$990 =(2 staff x $495 per exam)
VMWare Server Support
1 technology manager

$3500 = (1 staff x $3500 per training)

Total Cost

Prices are based on’s LabSim online video training series. A list of prices is available online at

The District Technology Department has 3 levels of technicians:
  1. All technical support staff (5) will be given the opportunity to complete CompTIA A+ training and test once, supported by the District.
  2. Technicians that complete CompTIA A+ will be eligible to be considered for promotion to Technician III.
  3. Other technical staff--systems integration manager, staff manager (2)--will have the opportunity to pursue CCNA, Linux+ training to support District initiatives.
  4. This is a one-time offer for any employee. All employees incur the cost of future certifications. To remain in the position, staff must successfully complete re-certification in 2 or 3 years (depending on the area) and maintain that.

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