Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Training Your Mind - On Writing #motivationalposters

In a brief Facebook exchange, my daughter bemoaned how much she dislikes writing rough drafts. To be honest, I've never had a problem with "rough drafts" because I see EVERY piece of writing I craft as a rough never finished. If finished means, "I'm done with you because you're perfect!" then I'm never done.

However, if rough draft means "I'm done because, frankly, I've spent enough time on you and need to move onto something else and I might come back to you later," then yes, I have plenty of those. For me, even years after I've written something--and I now have written more blog entries than I have anything else, by the way--I have to say that I will revise what I've written. Reasons for revision are simple--you find a new way, tighter way of expressing something. Maybe, you can tidy up your thinking or sentence structure.

I like to think of "rough draft" writing--writing that is never finished--as a way of "Sloppy thinking getting fit." For fun, I used to make this poster (try it, it's easy!) from something Stephen King allegedly wrote when he was 10 years reads like Stephen King!

I added my quote, "Sloppy thinking getting fit," at the bottom.

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