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Yesterday (or was it early this morning?), I shared how much fun I was having replacing Evernote note-taking options with text editors that would work with Dropbox. It is simply amazing to save something on one device and see it immediately available on another. Synchronization happens so quickly because it's just text files flying by.

As I explored apps like Draft ($4.99) on my Android phone and Byword on iPad, I became aware of markdown. If you've ever used wiki syntax--such as in are familiar with markdown. Wikipedia has a nice overview available with commands worth checking out!

Here's what it looks like in ReText, a markdown/text editor for UbuntuLinux, although these are certainly available for Windows, Mac as well!

What's neat about these editors mentioned in this blog post is that they connect to Dropbox. So you get nicely formatted notes that are quick, easy to access via Dropbox.
Check out this example of a blog post where I just copied and pasted....
Here are my top picks for Markdown editors that sync with Dropbox:
  • On Android, Draft  ($2.49)is the app to get. It allows for markdown (md) format for your text files. This allows you to bold,as well as other things, your text, which is a plus!
  • On iOS, use Nocs (free) or if you need more firepower, use WritingKit.
  • On Windows, try MarkDownPad (free)
  • On Mac, try Byword. It's also available for your iPad, so it may cover both angles for you.
I know, I're saying, why go through all this trouble when you have everything else? For a writer, it's the blank page and the word. I've found that when I change the medium I'm working in, it enhances my writing process, making it easier for me to get in "the zone." I don't know why that is, I just enjoy it.

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