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InfoGraphic - Sitting Is Killing you us
Flipping through pictures of attendees at a recent conference, I was struck by a horrible observation that resonated in my own heart--we're all overweight. Aside from a few lean greyhounds and fitness buffs with bulging biceps, trim triceps, it's frightening to see so many of us so weighty.

It's no surprise since we find ourselves sitting for much of technology use...it's hard to walk and talk, much less walk and manage an iPad or mobile device. We like to sit still. We are tasked with creating, working hard to make things happen. It's a pressure that can be stressful because it's essential to our future:
Source: Amber Teamann's blog entry
Presence can mean so many things, such as this short list from Amber. For many of us, though, it means spending hours sitting still, punishing our arms and nerves as we work on web sites, write, design images that "pop," and participating in collaborative virtual jaunts that link us to the world.

Consider the contributions necessary here and ask yourself, how can I achieve this and remain healthy?
Shawn Cornally says:
I asked the lead tech developers of several Cedar Rapids companies what they look for when hiring, and they all responded with, “The applicant’s Github [open source] portfolio.”
Not their GPA.
Not their test scores or transcripts.
Their what-have-you-done files.
The only way a student can have a Github portfolio is if they have a project worth working on, and the only way they can have that is if they’ve had generative interactions with the greater community; a community who has a plethora of problems worth working on.
Source: Dangerously Irrelevant
How do we redefine the difference we make, the one that makes us so valuable, employable? How do I change what *I* am doing now and continue to be of value?
InfoGraphic - Sitting Is Killing you us

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