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Source: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37000-removing-rss-feed-support-from-public-notebooks/
If you've been following the story, back in April, Evernote staff posted a message in their forums announcing that RSS feeds for Evernote Public Notebooks would no longer work.

At this point, the feature was imposing excessive load on the service relative to its use and utility, and the decision was made to remove it.
The more I reflect on this idea of excessive load on the service, the crazier it seems to be a real reason. After all, we all know that Evernote's big bosses rave about how robust Evernote is, how rich, etc. Excessive load on Evernote? This just doesn't compute. How can you provide great service built on robust servers that can handle businesses, etc., bragging about how great you are as a service, but then you drop a popular feature like RSS for public notebooks--which, aside from visiting the notebook is the only way to get stuff in and out of Evernote?

Then, I read this comment on Stephen Downes post that made me think of another angle:
How can RSS feeds make for excessive load? If they're saving to a static file when a note is added and serving this file, how can it be expensive-- compared to any of their other features, like automatic image OCR?Doesn't make sense.
As I was happily highlighting and clipping content to Evernote, I have to wonder if maybe Evernote received some cease and desist letters. You know, all that "copyrighted" content ending up being hosted on their servers, and RSS allowed for easy re-publishing.

Ok, does that alternate story explain what happened to RSS at Evernote? And, what's up with the silent treatment?

BTW, I'll be canceling my account on Friday. But I'm having so much fun writing about why such a great service like Evernote has dropped RSS for public notebooks, and what a thrill it is to find alternatives to Evernote (which I thought would be difficult given how wonderful the green elephant was).

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