It's an iPad world in a Pearson Galaxy!

Folks often ask, what's the standard tablet that schools should be investing in? Is there any guidance from Pearson?

The educational technology marketplace is being transformed by the introduction of lower-cost and highly-portable new types of computers often referred to as “tablets.” Examples include Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Pearson is following this trend with great interest and excitement, and has helped support its emergence in providing leading edge digital learning products. The Pearson Research and Development team is actively examining the ability of its technology platform for high-stakes online test delivery to work in conjunction with tablets as a delivery mechanism. Pearson has the ability to build tests for use with tablets, but there is still much to
research and consider before secure, summative assessments can be implemented on tablets.

One of my long-term plans is to abolish computer labs as testing centers and switch over to tablets. Given the choice, some teachers shared with me, they'd rather have iPads than a lab of old dinosaurs.

Source: Use of Tablets in Secure Summative Assessment Environments

Pearson is building a TestNav app for the iPad, to leverage the introduction of Guided Access recently announced by Apple. When available, we believe this should address some of the security issues that have previously been identified by Pearsonin the iPad. 

 ■ Pearson will work with each state department of education to evaluate their assessment content and the timelines that would be appropriate for content conversion for use on a tabletTablet adoption timelines may vary for different states based on their type of content, their specific policy needs, and their local technology infrastructure needs.

 ■ Pearson is conducting usability testing of tablets and will remain actively engaged in further research, including both qualitative cognitive labs 
and quantitative studies, to help provide additional guidance and recommendations to our state customers.

What do you think? Ready to shuck that computer lab and replace it with iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tabs?

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