Monday, May 20, 2013

Google + For Schools vs Hangout

This past weekend, a few of us tweeted at each other about enabling Google + in schools. Throughout the whole discussion, I equated Google + with Hangouts. While Google+ is great and all, I've really embraced Twitter as the avenue for crafting my PLN. It's become the rock solid foundation of my PLN. While I could switch to another, I have to admit that twitter remains my go-to tools to introduce folks to.

Some folks are developing Google+ resources for their school districts, such as Jay Atwood's (@jayatwood):
We're rolling out Google+ to some faculty and high school students. I whipped up some video tutorials on the basics to help so I thought I'd share.  The emerging playlist is here:
I have to admit what has the most interest for me is Hangouts, especially as a replacement for Adobe Connect. Could Hangouts do the job? That's the question...and if Hangouts is a part of GoogleTalk (or replaced it), can it stand alone separate from G+?

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