Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Copying Email from GoogleApps to Gmail

Get a free email client - http://mozilla.org/thunderbird 

Wondering how to quickly move your email from your Gmail account in GoogleApps for Education (GAfE) to Gmail, as this person below asks?
I would like to move all of my email from my school GAFE email address to my personal gmail address. I've spent a great deal of time organizing/filtering my email into folders and I'd like to keep those same folders in my personal gmail account. I know how to enable POP forwarding for future emails, but I'm not certain how to get all of my past emails to my personal gmail account. Since I'm also trying to help other teachers with this same issue, I'm trying to find the quickest, easiest way (other than to select all and forward...I really want my folders to keep it manageable). Any ideas or tricks? The stuff I'm finding online is just not helping.
Here is my response, although others such as Eric Simmons have also considered this question:

 there are several ways to accomplish this. Here's one that I use frequently:

1) Mozilla Thunderbird, a free open source email client. Install Mozilla Thunderbird email client - http://mozilla.org/thunderbird - on your computer. 
2) Connect to your GAfE email account via IMAP using Mozilla Thunderbird. It's pretty easy since Thunderbird will help you out...here is what my settings look like:

3) Connect to your regular Gmail account via IMAP using Mozilla ThunderbirdThunderbird will automatically detect the GMAIL IMAP settings for you. 
4) Once both accounts are able to check mail through Thunderbird, click and drag on the folder in your GAfE account, moving it to your regular Gmail account. If you have sub-folders, those will be recreated and the email copied from one account to another.
I tested this approach with Mozilla Thunderbird and have used it many a time. If you like, you can even save the message (with folder structure intact) to your computer for offline access. Instead of copying folders from your GAFE account to your personal Gmail account, copy them from your GAfE account to Local Folders in Thunderbird. Works great to make an offline copy you can then backup to an external USB drive.

Another approach might include the following:
Take advantage of CloudHQ.net. I used this recently to pull my Gdocs out of Drive over to Dropbox, but from what I can see, it would let you move Gmail from GAfE to Gmail. Note that the 15-day trial is free but after that, you would have to register for an account. So, I'd probably do the Thunderbird route if you're going to be doing this more than once, the CloudHQ route if it's a one-time thing only.

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