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6 Favorite Zombie Authors

Over the last few months, I have fallen into reading quite a few zombie tales. Since there are a lot of boring zombie stories out there, I thought I'd share my top 6 authors.

What makes these 6 authors special is that they each author a trilogy or more of books about zombies, which is great since there's nothing like reading one zombie book and feeling the hunger to read more.

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So, here are my favorite authors of zombie tales:

Top Authors

  1. Jonathan Maberry - Maberry not only hooks you with his Young Adult Rot & Ruin series, but Patient Zero is the beginning of some awesome stories.
  2. Mark Tufo - I am absolutely shocked how engaging Tufo's work was. I read all of his series featuring Michael Talbot, an ex-Marine with a family being persecuted by a vampire and a few million zombies. I honestly could not stop reading. Language is brutal in this book, but Talbot is so good-natured and "in character" that you forgive him...and it IS the end of the world.
  3. Joseph Talluto - Who couldn't like a zombie series which features a school administrator as the protagonist? Engaging reading and only mild profanity, making it one of the more tame zombie tales on this list. That said, the action is gripping and I find I can't stop reading!
  4. Joe McKinney - San Antonio-based police officer turned writer. It's a bit weird reading about your home town in a zombie book. Taking notes....
  5. Stephen Knight - Though I've only read The Gathering Dead in the series, I'm looking forward to the next book.
  6. Rhiannon Frater - Wow, this series grabs you and doesn't let go! I find it funny that there's at least two Texan authors on this list!

There are many other zombie authors out there, but these have entire, engaging series of stories that develop the storyline and characters.

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