2 minute test video post for ipad viewing

This blog entry is in response to two questions:
  1. Can videos uploaded to Blogger be viewed on an iPad? No because Blogger uses Flash video format, not HTML5.
  2. Can you easily adjust embed code for a GoogleDoc embedded in a GoogleDoc? Yes.

This is a Blogger embedding test of a 2-minute video (10megs) in MP4 format. I did not spend much time picking this video since I plan to delete the entry. The goal is to embed it in a blog entry then view it on an iPad:

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCfA_1KQXQI

Test results: Safari browser on iPad did not reveal the video. Puffin (a flash-enabled browser on iPad) did show the video as a Flash video. Here's what that looks like:



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