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Relic of My History - #BookBag2018 #ipaded

You go to school, you do what they say, if you're lucky, you get a lollipop and a diploma. But what does the diploma mean, a life of conformity and survival? I'm not sure...sometimes, all we want is to be loved and supported. Do schools do that for our children? I hope so.

In my closet, I have an assortment of bags, ranging from the ones you pick up at conferences to camera bags to backpacks. I'm proud of my "grown-up" backpack, which I can pack to the gills with all the essentials while on the road consulting, preparing for a zombie apocalypse or more likely these days, visiting my daughter at college. But, not unlike David Warlick, I find myself wondering what to put in my silver-trimmed, black backpack.

And, what I invest into that backpack is the memory of many days of shouldering my pack. Carrying a backpack takes me back down the long road of memory, grown dim and faded like an old photo.
One thing that I do know is that a Bookbag, filled with 20 pounds of …

Copying Email from GoogleApps to Gmail

Wondering how to quickly move your email from your Gmail account in GoogleApps for Education (GAfE) to Gmail, as this person below asks?
I would like to move all of my email from my school GAFE email address to my personal gmail address. I've spent a great deal of time organizing/filtering my email into folders and I'd like to keep those same folders in my personal gmail account. I know how to enable POP forwarding for future emails, but I'm not certain how to get all of my past emails to my personal gmail account. Since I'm also trying to help other teachers with this same issue, I'm trying to find the quickest, easiest way (other than to select all and forward...I really want my folders to keep it manageable). Any ideas or tricks? The stuff I'm finding online is just not helping.Here is my response, although others such as Eric Simmons have also considered this question:

 there are several ways to accomplish this. Here's one that I use frequently:

1) Mozilla…

Does HS Prepare Students for College? Help a College Student Do Some Research @arguhlin

Would you help a college student do some research? Read below....

I'm a college student at the University of San Diego who's conducting a survey for a project that revolves around high school and college students. My goal is to see if high school properly trains students for college life and if college prepares students for post-graduation life. By getting feedback from these surveys, I hope to better understand how students feel during each step of the education process. The goal would be find and address any needs that are currently not being met. On top of this, there are also survey for parents of students in high school/just entering college and a survey for students who have already graduated from college and are transitioning into adult life.
The surveys are short and simple, they also require no personal information. I was wondering if you could post the links to the surveys on your blog so that I could get some most results (I'm about half way done cu…

2 minute test video post for ipad viewing

This blog entry is in response to two questions: Can videos uploaded to Blogger be viewed on an iPad? No because Blogger uses Flash video format, not HTML5.Can you easily adjust embed code for a GoogleDoc embedded in a GoogleDoc? Yes.

This is a Blogger embedding test of a 2-minute video (10megs) in MP4 format. I did not spend much time picking this video since I plan to delete the entry. The goal is to embed it in a blog entry then view it on an iPad:

Video Source:
Test results: Safari browser on iPad did not reveal the video. Puffin (a flash-enabled browser on iPad) did show the video as a Flash video. Here's what that looks like:



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Blogging with Dropbox and

Wow, who would have thought you could publish a blog on Dropbox using nothing more than a simple text editor and an app called! You even get an RSS feed ( Working in text is pretty's a little bit of information from the sample post that Scriptogr.amprovides for you: uses Markdown, a lightweight markup language, originally created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML). See the Syntax page for details pertaining to Markdown’s formatting syntax. You can try it out, right now, using the online Dingus. Getting started After connecting your Dropbox account to, some necessary files and folders are added to your Dropbox at Apps/scriptogram. First theGET_STARTED.txt text file that pretty much explains the exact s…

6 Favorite Zombie Authors

Over the last few months, I have fallen into reading quite a few zombie tales. Since there are a lot of boring zombie stories out there, I thought I'd share my top 6 authors.What makes these 6 authors special is that they each author a trilogy or more of books about zombies, which is great since there's nothing like reading one zombie book and feeling the hunger to read more.Aside: And, to be honest, this is a test post of, a Dropbox-based blog engine. I'm using to post to this blog via email and RSS...I'm curious to see what works faster).So, here are my favorite authors of zombie tales:Top AuthorsJonathan Maberry - Maberry not only hooks you with his Young Adult Rot & Ruin series, but Patient Zero is the beginning of some awesome stories.Mark Tufo - I am absolutely shocked how engaging Tufo's work was. I read all of his series featuring Michael Talbot, an ex-Marine with a family being persecuted by a vampire and a few million zombies. I…

JobPosting - Instructional Technologist Navarro ISD

Navarro ISD has posted a postion for an Instructional Technologist.  Information can be found at  

The position would be in charge of staff development and  the point person for an iPad rollout for our 7th grade students.  

Navarro ISD is a 3A school district located between Seguin, New Braunfels and San Marcos.  

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Leadership Challenge - Redefine Your Difference

Flipping through pictures of attendees at a recent conference, I was struck by a horrible observation that resonated in my own heart--we're all overweight. Aside from a few lean greyhounds and fitness buffs with bulging biceps, trim triceps, it's frightening to see so many of us so weighty.

It's no surprise since we find ourselves sitting for much of technology's hard to walk and talk, much less walk and manage an iPad or mobile device. We like to sit still. We are tasked with creating, working hard to make things happen. It's a pressure that can be stressful because it's essential to our future:
Presence can mean so many things, such as this short list from Amber. For many of us, though, it means spending hours sitting still, punishing our arms and nerves as we work on web sites, write, design images that "pop," and participating in collaborative virtual jaunts that link us to the world.

Consider the contributions necessary here and ask you…

The Spiderman Question: 3D Printing

"There's great educational content on YouTube," shared one educator. "Why are we still blocking it?"
"Skype is also a great tool," another shared, "but why are we still blocking it?"

Ever wonder how come technology doesn't play by the rules? Why are our creations so evil in one context, so transformational in another? These thoughts popped into my head as I reflected on 3D printers. These are powerful devices that, while expensive right now, will undoubtedly go down in price. As a school district, if I had a 3D printer, how would I use it for good?

Some have chosen to use 3D printers as way to make guns. What I find really interesting in this remark:
“Significant advances in three-dimensional (3D) printing capabilities, availability of free digital 3D printer files for firearms components, and difficulty regulating file sharing may present public safety risks from unqualified gun seekers who obtain or manufacture 3D printed guns,” reads a…

Secret Space Encryptor (SSE) #android #java #mac #windows #encryption #encrypt

Looking for a cross-platform encryption tool? As I've shared in the past, one of my favorite apps for encrypting content is, which is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. does have an Android version (Crypt Lite4All). But AESCrypt only works on files, not folders or text messages on an Android phone/tablet.

Enter Secret Space Encryptor (SSE).

Take a look at the beautifully designed, open source Secret Space Encryptor (S.S.E. on Android). It comes in a java version that works with a GUI and a command line. You can tell they spent some time on Android developing this, though. It not only allows you to encrypt files, but also text messages/notes, as well as securely wipe folders on your Android device. Awesome!

Here's a quick overview of SSE's features from Linux Magazine author, Dmitri Popov:

Using it, you can securely store passwords, encrypt text messages, and encrypt individual files and entire folders. The app offers several strong encryption al…

Training Your Technicians - DRAFT Proposal #edtechchat

Is this a crazy idea? Sometimes, you think something for so long, that you start to think it makes sense and maybe, it doesn't. 

Check out this DRAFT proposal I'm putting together...constructive feedback welcome!

Proposal This proposal recommends that the District fund Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ training for all Technician I and II staff members and pay the cost of certification exams for first attempt. Certification and training must be linked to job descriptions and advancement.
Background District technicians in the District are currently auxiliary staff members who are low-paid and need access to training opportunities that enable them to better serve the District technology support needs. District technicians often learn as they go, but seldom receive any formal training. This lack of training impairs performance, impedes student learning, and results in longer down-time for District faculty, staff, and students. Other school districts have begun o…