Achieve Simplicity - Saving Text Notes in Dropbox #iPad #Android (updated)

Looking for a simple text editor that I can use on any computer, I stumbled across Writebox, a web-based word processor that is quite simple and integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. That's right, you can crank out a short note, copy-n-paste in content, then save directly to Dropbox or Drive, if so inclined. In this blog entry, you'll find app recommendations for iPad and Android as well!

Update: After even more exploration, here are my top picks for Markdown editors that sync with Dropbox:
  • On Android, Draft  ($2.49)is the app to get. It allows for markdown (md) format for your text files. This allows you to bold,as well as other things, your text, which is a plus!
  • On iOS, use Nocs (free) or if you need more firepower, use WritingKit.
  • On Windows, try MarkDownPad (free)
  • On Mac, try Byword. It's also available for your iPad, so it may cover both angles for you.
Here's what it looks can see the document in the background with the Save as... window in the foreground, including a list of my folders in Dropbox:

As you can see, pretty bare bones interface, but you don't need all that much if you're typing up the grocery list!

What's also neat is that if you combine this with the browser-based encryption tool, Mailvelope (don't know about it? check out their Documentation), you can easily encrypt content  in Writebox, which then gets saved to Dropbox. Wow!

Here's what that looks like:

Looking to do most of your note-taking on an iPad? Of course, there are apps to accomplish simplicity that work on an iPad:
  1. Nocs - Supports Markdown and text editing with Dropbox integration
  2. PlainText iPad App (free but includes in-app purchase of $1.99 to get rid of ads)
  3. Elements ($4.99) - markdown support
  4. ByWord ($2.99)
  5. WritingKit ($4.99)
  6. TaskAgent ($2.99) - a to-do list manager for Dropbox
Of these, PlainText -enables you to create folders and text files--was utterly simple and powerful. Definitely using this with Dropbox. Here's what the interface looks like, and you can even create folders in PlainText that are reflected in's magical to see them appear!

Since Dropbox is cross-platform and works on any mobile device, it's only natural to want to see apps that will let you create/edit text notes and save them on Dropbox. Here are a few apps:

  1. Notes (free but in-app purchase to eliminate ads) - Nice but forces you to save to a Notes folder in the the Apps folder. Contrast that with the iPad app PlainText that lets you save files to specific folder of your choice! Still, it's not a big deal. It does mean though that if you're working on multiple devices, you'll have to save items to the Notes folder.
  2. Draft ($2.49) - This program works a bit better than Notes, gives you more options and lets you save to wherever you want. There's a great write-up about it worth reading.

What note-taking app are you using?

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