Rage at the Dying of the Light! Restore RSS for .@Evernote Notebooks

Modified Premium Evernote ad featuring RSS Feed reinstatement

If you use Evernote for anything, but especially content curation, why wouldn't you want to be able to share items you've added to Evernote with others easily? That's an obvious, "Of course I want to!"
The RSS feeds just disappeared from Evernote:
It redirects to the normal notebook... :-(
The easy way to share includes using RSS feeds, that allow you to blend Evernote Notebook contents into blogs, wikis, and as well as repost content via Dlvr.it and IFTTT.com. Create a recipe and you can repost Evernote Notebook content to a Twitter feed, providing content as well as citing the original web site where you clipped some valuable component.

For educators, this is an essential service. Students and teachers posting to a single notebook can immediately re-share content with the world via RSS. That could be taking the RSS feed for Evernote and feeding it to Twitter, Edmodo, Moodle, Blogger/Wordpress or many other content/learning management systems. Student eportfolio? Simply redirect the RSS feed for Evernote to a blog or IFTTT.com recipe and parents could be immediately notified when their child had published something new in Evernote.

Unfortunately, all this is now impossible. Evernote removed support for RSS because it was consuming too much of their capacity. Huh? Let's cut something that's obviously working for people, and worse, let's just post the announcement in a forum or something where folks probably won't see it unless they are die-hard fanatics.

I question Evernote's leadership in regards to RSS feeds and ask you to do the same. Turn this feature back on, at least for Premium users. Otherwise, Evernote, I'll encourage people to "vote with their feet" and run off to any one of the other content curation resources!

Note: Are you an Evernote Notebook RSS user and disappointed? Please share your story in the comments.

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