Monday, April 1, 2013

#Nexus 7 #Android File Transfers via #FTP

My daughter, who is now on her second Nexus 7 after her first one met with an untimely end (yes, I offered to get her an iPad but she turned it down...she loves her Nexus 7!), recently wrote me with this question:
Nexus is officially up and running! The SIM card transfer worked great! Except I'm missing some files...but that's where I do FTP transfer right?
The short answer is, "Yes," if you're not going to use a solution like AirDroid. I prefer FTP transfers myself since they are so easy these days. Below is my response to her query:
Here's a quick overview: 

This is the FTP Server you want to run on your old Nexus (it should be installed): 

This is the FTP Client you want to use on your new Nexus: 
Turn on FTP Server on your OLD Nexus. Make note of the Server IP address (e.g. and then type that into your FTP Client on your NEW Nexus.
Note: After you're done, you can always make sure to install FTP Server on your New Nexus so that you can transfer files from any device, such as your computer, to your Nexus 7.
Pretty easy process, huh? It must be because a few minutes after sending that response, I received this heartwarming one:
YES! K, got it all Daddy, thank you!


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Nick Krahn said...

LOVE our Nexus 7s (technically my wifes and sons) for reasons just like this one. I understand completely why she loves hers. They just work! It's the same reason why my next tablet will be from the Nexus/Android line!

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