Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Need #Moodle Support? Inexpensive Support Available for K-16 Organizations!

Yes, this is an advertisement.

Looking for Moodle support on your Windows or, preferably, Linux server for your school district, small college or university? Don't want to pay outrageous prices?

Have you considered hiring an inexpensive, independent consultant who has years of Moodle server experience, currently remote-managing multiple Moodle sites for an online professional development company (references available)? Then look no further than...

Miguel Guhlin
twitter: @mguhlin
Drop me a quick tweet with your contact info!

Services Provided include:
  • UbuntuLinux server setup and installation of Moodle (latest version)
  • Regular MySQL/MariaDB database backup and restorations
  • Keeping Your Moodle installation in tip-top condition
  • Facilitating your setup of user accounts through a variety of methods
  • Lots more, just ask!

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