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Concept maps, graphic organizers are so yesterday, so it's fun to find a new approach to an old topic. Earlier this week, I had a chance to play around with Coggle.it, a newcomer on the web-based graphic organizer scene. In addition to working on your computer, Coggle.it also is iPad, Android, and Windows 8 friendly.

Since I had a moment (sheesh, those have been hard to find) and the email announcement caught me at that instance, I had a chance to play with Coggle.it. Here are my main take-aways:

  • Easy to use interface on desktop computer (haven't tried it on iPad)
  • Colored strands for ideas (thinner lines might be fun for sub-concepts)
  • Drag-n-drop of diagram
  • PNG/PDF download of diagram
  • Easy sharing to Facebook, although I'd make the Sharing button the universal icon for that and allow sharing to Twitter (a whole community of educators there), Google+, ReadItLater (Pocket now), Evernote (lots of educators use this). Update: They made this change!
  • Clean design
Since I had the Coggle.it folks on the hook so to speak, I also shared what I would like to see:

  • Can't put sub-topic items directly linked from the middle of the main topic. They have to be right or left.
  • Would love to see thinner strands on topics two levels deep, different colors as well.
  • Collaboration aspect appears to be missing (multiple-editors)
  • Easy saving of PNG/PDF files to GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Evernote (maybe put these under Sharing icon)
  • Change 'Share" word to "Collaborate" since sharing is under the "f" icon (which is the one I was referring to replace).
  • No way to insert images available

  • In response to my concerns listed above, the Coggle.it folks sent me this note:
    Thanks Miguel! A few of those things are actually available (they're a little bit hidden though!):
    Colour can be changed for subtopics by clicking on the strand itself (should bring up a colour picker): http://blog.coggle.it/get-the-colour-right/ 
    Strands get thinner as you get further out, but maybe it should happen faster?  
    Collaboration is there, multiple people can edit at the same time no problem! http://blog.coggle.it/how-to-invite-people-to-collaborate/ 
    Images can be dragged from the desktop: http://blog.coggle.it/add-images-to-a-coggle/ 
    You're right, we need to look at our sharing / collaboration terminology and introduce a section dedicated to social media sharing - direct sharing to twitter is something we're definitely going to add very soon! 
    Another hidden feature you might like is the ability to add maths formulas (via Latex): https://coggle.it/diagram/5127f00c1088ecf326000009/5c6df4e2460d9fc4c6696286e121c86633580a17774620db11958aec2d79fd82 
    Thanks for your input - it's really valuable to hear what people think and we take it all into account when planning the next features to implement : ) Any more questions or feedback then just shout!
    They also sent out this update on the features:

    Who made those changes?
    You can find out who made changes to your Coggle using the new history feature. Simply drag the slider to look through all the changes to your diagrams!
    Read more

    Complete the picture!
    A highly requested feature that we’re happy to say is now supported. Drag images into your Coggle to fill in that missing detail, after all a picture is worth a thousand words!
    Read more

    Get the colour right...
    Make sure your Coggles are always beautiful - the new colour picker lets you take control of getting the right colour for your topics.
    Read more

    Stuck on something?
    Some of you may have already found the tutorial videos we added recently - we hope they’re useful!

    Is there a particular topic you’d like to see a video on? Let us know!
    View them now!

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