Friday, April 12, 2013

#iPad, #GAFE and Google Drive @readdle @explainevrythng (Updated)

Over the last two to three weeks, I've noticed a problem with GoogleDrive integration on the iPad. While regular Gmail accounts were working, GoogleApps for Education (GAFE) accounts were not authenticating. Essentially, the problem appears with apps that integrate with GoogleDrive, such as Readdle Documents and Explain Everything for a GAFE account. I started working with the Readdle folks to see if they could solve the issue, but wasn't getting anywhere, although I definitely appreciate their support over several emails!

I shared my story in response to Elizabeth Bagish on the GCT email list, who also mentioned the problem with Explain Everything and Google Drive:

Thanks for sharing your story. Recently, I've encountered the same problem with GAFE accounts with Readdle Documents app (free, awesome appworth checking out).  I've been connecting with them about the issue, sent them logs and stuff. 
While regular Gmail account works, GAFE accounts are NOT working with Documents. I'm disappointed to hear that issues may have arisen with Explain Everything, which is one of our favorite apps on the iPad, for creating tutorials, demos, etc. I can confirm that it's not working on GAFE, but works fine with regular Drive accounts. That's weird because prior to a week or so ago, neither Documents or Explain Everything had a problem interacting with GAFE account.
Elizabeth had some better connections than I since she knew Reshan Richards, co-creator of Explain Everything.
Update: Actually, Elizabeth points out, it was Vinnie Vrotny who put Reshan (pictured below) in touch with her.
Lisa @techchef4u Johnson and Reshan Richards (Explain Everything)
Elizabeth provided Reshan with a GoogleApps for Education (GAFE) account (so did my district), and they went to work trying to figure it out.

Earlier this week, Elizabeth shared the answer:
After some terrific help from Explain Everything's support team, here was the very simple fix.
Go to the domain dashboard>settings>Drive
Scroll down and select Allow users to install Google Drive apps.
Worked like a charm.  Now our staff and students can use GAFE with Explain Everything...  So excited!
So, I logged into our GoogleApps for Education Domain and went to the spot can see the checkmark below:

Click on SAVE changes and that should resolve the issue for GoogleApps for Education users who want to take advantage of cloud storage using GoogleDrive through Readdle Documents and Explain Everything (as well as lots of other apps!).

Thanks to Liz and the Explain Everything crew!

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