@CloudHQ To the Rescue - Backing Up My Cloud Storage (Updated 12/31/14)

Since I have TONS of content in Evernote, I wanted to find an easy way to backup content there.

I imagined being able to put all my notes into Dropbox, along with encrypted attachments, but doing so would take...well...forever. CloudHQ.net takes care of this for me!

While there are other ways to accomplish this, CloudHQ.net offers one the opportunity to have a 15-day free trial. You can use this 15-day trial to move content from one cloud service to another. In my case, I decided to export all my content in Evernote to Dropbox.

The process was fairly painless and resulted in a copy of all my Evernote content in a Dropbox folder I'd created right before starting. As you can see below, here's my new folder on Dropbox featuring all my Evernote content:
CloudHQ.net even provides statistics...(these aren't complete, by the way...lots more to go!)
360 files and 44.7 MB of data has been transferred in the last week.

Kudos to CloudHQ.net for making it easy to copy/move content from one service to another! You can also sync content back-n-forth between a variety of services, which makes it a pretty neat deal at $9.90 per month (if you need that level of redundancy).

CloudHQ.net also does a great job copying/moving content from GoogleApps for Education or Gmail to a private/public Gmail account, and vice versa. Also,Dropbox to GoogleDrive or any supported cloud storage or vice versa!

Services that Work with CloudHQ
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