Monday, April 29, 2013

Casper Focus - #iPad #MDM (Updated 5/1/2013)

"Ok," I asked, "what kind of solution will give us a LANSchool view for iPads? You know," I continued, "where I can see all the iPads in the classrooms, take remote control of them, etc.?"

I was a bit exasperated at this point, having shared LANSchool for iPads with the idea that it did just that, and sure enough, I was wrong (my team promptly pointed that out to me). So, then, what might work that way?

This morning, one of my team members made me aware of Casper Focus, a JAMF Software iPad app, that promises to do just that:

Casper Focus is an iOS app that gives teachers control over the devices used during class time by allowing the teacher to “focus” the devices on a single app. Focusing a device locks it on the app, preventing students from accessing any other screens or applications. Teachers can also switch the focus from one app to another, or remove the focus from student devices. In addition, teachers can clear passcodes on student devices during class time as needed.
Teachers can perform Casper Focus actions on all student devices in a class or on a single device.
Casper Focus is available for free from the App Store. Casper Focus is part of the Casper Suite, a client management solution developed for the Apple platform and available from JAMF Software. 

I'm not sure if Casper Focus will give me the LANSchool experience one enjoys with computers,'s nice to think we're moving in that direction.

Is this the right kind of "focus" for iPads in schools? Only time will tell. Whomever comes up with the product, I hope that we'll have LANSchool type access we now enjoy for computers for better management of iPads. Kudos to LANSchool for their work on this!

In the meantime, check out this video featuring CasperFocus.

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