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Achieve Simplicity - Saving Text Notes in Dropbox #iPad #Android (updated)

Looking for a simple text editor that I can use on any computer, I stumbled across Writebox, a web-based word processor that is quite simple and integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. That's right, you can crank out a short note, copy-n-paste in content, then save directly to Dropbox or Drive, if so inclined. In this blog entry, you'll find app recommendations for iPad and Android as well!

Update: After even more exploration, here are my top picks for Markdown editors that sync with Dropbox:
On Android, Draft  ($2.49)is the app to get. It allows for markdown (md) format for your text files. This allows you to bold,as well as other things, your text, which is a plus!On iOS, use Nocs (free) or if you need more firepower, use WritingKit.On Windows, try MarkDownPad (free)On Mac, try Byword. It's also available for your iPad, so it may cover both angles for you. Here's what it looks can see the document in the background with the Save as... window in the foregr…

Copy-n-Paste Test of Markdown

Whatever What What Number 1Number 2emphasis boldface! External link to blog (that's 3 stars for a horizontal rule)

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5 Tips on Using @Pocket for #ContentCuration

Image (no-cost)
Giventhetragic story of RSS within Evernote being dropped, my content curation process is shot. No longer can I highlight content on a web page, then drop it into an Evernote Notebook with the hope that an RSS feed will allow me to share that content elsewhere. That functionality is gone, and there's no going back.

So, what to do? I still want to share content. Should I pursue one of those content curation apps that turns your favorite links into a daily published emagazine? Well, there are tons of options for that and I regret I don't care for them.

Here's what I would like to be able to do:
Organize my content with tagsShare items to Pocket, no matter the device.SpeedEasily share content using a solution like IFTTT.comEasily save documents to Dropbox. In a conversation with a colleague, I wondered if maybe I hadn't explored ReadItLater's Pocket well enough. Allow me to do that in this blog entry! Eat your heart out, Evernote!

1) Organize my c…

@CloudHQ To the Rescue - Backing Up My Cloud Storage (Updated 12/31/14)

Since I have TONS of content in Evernote, I wanted to find an easy way to backup content there.

I imagined being able to put all my notes into Dropbox, along with encrypted attachments, but doing so would take...well...forever. takes care of this for me!

While there are other ways to accomplish this, offers one the opportunity to have a 15-day free trial. You can use this 15-day trial to move content from one cloud service to another. In my case, I decided to export all my content in Evernote to Dropbox.

The process was fairly painless and resulted in a copy of all my Evernote content in a Dropbox folder I'd created right before starting. As you can see below, here's my new folder on Dropbox featuring all my Evernote content: even provides statistics...(these aren't complete, by the way...lots more to go!)
360 files and 44.7 MB of data has been transferred in the last week.
Kudos to for making it easy to copy/move c…

The Rule of Momentum - #edcamp #ProtestEvernoteRSSDecision

The Rule of Momentum = simple.
if it doesn’t move you, get moving.  It's a simple concept that's transforming edcamps, but it can also be a way of sending a message to cloud service providers who decide to discontinue essential services without notifying customers...posting the announcement in a forum is like posting an announcement in the cellar of a building where the lights are out and the stairs are gone.

Are you an Evernote Premium user?Cancel your Premium account because Evernote has made sharing via RSS unworkable. And, guess what!?

They didn't even blog about it. What's up with that?

Get moving. Walk away from services that kick users in the teeth and disable open sharing.

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Casper Focus - #iPad #MDM (Updated 5/1/2013)

"Ok," I asked, "what kind of solution will give us a LANSchool view for iPads? You know," I continued, "where I can see all the iPads in the classrooms, take remote control of them, etc.?"

I was a bit exasperated at this point, having shared LANSchool for iPads with the idea that it did just that, and sure enough, I was wrong (my team promptly pointed that out to me). So, then, what might work that way?

This morning, one of my team members made me aware of Casper Focus, a JAMF Software iPad app, that promises to do just that:

Casper Focus is an iOS app that gives teachers control over the devices used during class time by allowing the teacher to “focus” the devices on a single app. Focusing a device locks it on the app, preventing students from accessing any other screens or applications. Teachers can also switch the focus from one app to another, or remove the focus from student devices. In addition, teachers can clear passcodes on student devices during …

Reflections - Cloud Services To Rely On #edchat @evernote

Update 05/28/2014 - TrueCrypt is now defunct

"Go ahead," I encouraged a short time ago, "break a few eggs."

Break a few eggs, indeed. That's exactly what Evernote did when they dumped RSS support for their public notebooks, a move similar to Google's wiping out of RSS support on their services in their push to move everyone to Google+.

At that time, I shared a few services I was using. Folks, I'm back to share the results of my experiment.

Initial Plan:
My initial plan involved using the following services to backup critical services like blogs, images, documents, and my web presence. Free and it's a cinch to import entries from Blogger to $40 for two year accountEmail- Keep the Gmail account but keep it empty and just forward stuff to Evernote ($50 annually but I use it for a whole bunch more) I currently enjoy 16gigs free (help me get more!). If I want to really kick it up, like up to 100gigs, I woul…

Diving Deep into #PLNs #twitter #edchat #cpchat #hfsoars

Old ideas find expression in today's learning environment.

This weekend, a colleague asked me, "What do you think of The Deep Dive video?" At first, I didn't understand what she meant. What did this old ABC news video featuring IDEO have to do with personal learning networks (PLN) in schools?

A part of me balked at having to hearken back to an ABC news broadcast to help explain to a group of principals what Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) are about. In fact, I thought it was a bit of a problem. After all, those Deep Dive videos are old. Why couldn't we just say something along the lines of....
Helping teachers build a PLN accelerates their learning and professional growth. The richness and variety of a PLN makes creating change that leads to enhanced teaching, learning and leading valuable. I promptly started checking out PLN videos, but most of those focused on the how-to. In fact, that was the complaint I had for myself. In creating a PLN, when you focus on …

Cacophony of How Great Thou Art #edcamp

We so often, agree to disagree. Learning conversations suffer for that, don't they?

A few years ago, I wrote a blog entry that observed how little pushback blog entries get. You know, it's  so easy to publish and no one really takes you to task for it. I suspect that educators are such timid creatures that it's easier to avoid conflict than it is to have a conflict.

Being conflict-averse, I'm sensitive to it. That's why I was delighted to read Todd Nesloney's pushback (relevant section below) on Kristy Vincent's post about Edcamps being hijacked below:
Ok I've been debating wether or not to chime in here. I feel like this post was done in very poor taste. . .Teachers connected. Teachers learned. Teachers shared. Teachers had fun. What more could you ask for? Is there work to be done to make this edcamp better? Of course!!! But why attack it minutes after its over. I ageee in freedom of speech, but this feels highly unprofessional. What is it that we rea…

Betrayal Never Tasted So Sour .@evernote #edchat #cpchat #byotchat #education #txed

What happens when a service you're paying for unexpectedly drops a service your work has come to rely upon? You have several options, right?

You find out why and then hope that a conversation will result in a reconsideration or accommodation.You complain bitterly, throw up your hands and walk away but since the service is essential to your work, you come back to it.You complain bitterly, then walk away and don't look back except to wonder at the could they have done that? As I reflect on Google's mis-steps in the last few months, which as I understand it, flow from a decision to lock end-users into their ecology (e.g. Google+), I suppose I shouldn'tbe surprised at Evernote's decision. Evernote's decision involved discontinuing a vibrant service, a service they admit was causing them issues because it was used SO MUCH. The service involves RSS feeds for public notebooks.
Unlike Google that killed Reader because it was "under-utilized," E…

Rage at the Dying of the Light! Restore RSS for .@Evernote Notebooks

If you use Evernote for anything, but especially content curation, why wouldn't you want to be able to share items you've added to Evernote with others easily? That's an obvious, "Of course I want to!"
The RSS feeds just disappeared from Evernote:
It redirects to the normal notebook... :-( The easy way to share includes using RSS feeds, that allow you to blend Evernote Notebook contents into blogs, wikis, and as well as repost content via and Create a recipe and you can repost Evernote Notebook content to a Twitter feed, providing content as well as citing the original web site where you clipped some valuable component.

For educators, this is an essential service. Students and teachers posting to a single notebook can immediately re-share content with the world via RSS. That could be taking the RSS feed for Evernote and feeding it to Twitter, Edmodo, Moodle, Blogger/Wordpress or many other content/learning management systems. Student eportfolio?…