Violating Google Policies with My Blog Posts

Update: The warnings have been removed from my Google Plus postings, but I'm still curious what triggered the policy violation. Anyways, thanks, Google+ folks!

Earlier this week, I shared how I was putting together a Securing Confidential Data workshop using Google as an LMS. I've had a lot of fun putting these resources together, sharing them here on my blog, but was shocked when I looked at my Google+ Profile and saw this series of messages:

Of course, I'm submitting these all for review but I can't help but wonder...why, Google, why?

Why can't other people see my post?
The content in this post violates the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy.
Posts that contain spam, such as unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitations, are not appropriate on Google+. Offensive or repetitive posts are not appropriate either. 
If you think we've made a mistake about your post, please submit this post for review. If our review determines this post does conform to our policies, we'll make it visible to others again. Otherwise, this post will stay visible only to you, and we will delete it in a few weeks.

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Kern Kelley said…
Wow Miguel, I'm very interested to see how this all plays out!

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