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Earlier today, I received the following email regarding a book review--Achieving Transformational Leadership--I'd written about Stephanie Sandifer's book, Wikis for School Leaders.

Folks often ask me, what are the benefits of writing and sharing online via a blog? Well, to be honest, getting exposure to fresh ideas, and getting emails like this one that let you know that yesterday's learning continues to provide value for tomorrow's learners.

Dear Miguel My name is Fiona de Villiers and I am the editor of Independent Education, the official quarterly magazine of the Independent Schools’ Association of Southern Africa (ISASA), and the leading South African Education magazine. I invite you to view the online version of our latest issues: You can also learn more about us at: This year one of our aims for our very popular magazine is to question the role of technology in the classroom and I thought your review entitledAchieving Transformational Leadership - Wikis for School Leaders would provide fascinating perspectives on the issue for our readership, which extends across the entire education sector in southern Africa and beyond.
 I would therefore like to ask for your permission to reprint the piece in our forthcoming issue. We will happily include all requested acknowledgements. Please could you let me know as soon as possible?Kind regards 

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