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Which should be your tool of choice in schools for the majority of students? Should it be a low-cost laptop, an iPad, a Chromebook, what?

In truth, I've thought this over for the last year, wrestled with my biases and prejudices, and come to the realization that the iPad is the best tool for K-12. By providing students iPads, we're enabling them to become incredible content creators (yes, they can program), as well as consumers. In reviewing my usage of the iPad for the last year--prior to that year, I did not appreciate iPads as I do now--I realized that this device is used daily, multiple times, in preference to all my other computing devices, including laptops at home and work, Android tablet and phones. Why is that?

The easiest reason is that I can create text-enhanced, multimedia-rich content quite easily using my iPad. Now, let's set individual user preferences aside.

What about management? These are a pain in the rear to manage. Chromebooks offer a better management system, and you know your tech staff would prefer Windows computers to manage to iPads. But in the final analysis, it's not about the techies, is it? It's about the users and getting them to use the iPad to create, collaborate, connect, and use tech as a catalyst for awesome teaching, learning and leading.

Will we still have devices with keyboards attached and more powerful processors? Sure, why not? Or, put Chromebooks out there (darn that pesky Pearson's high stakes testing expectation for java which is non-existent on Chromebooks).

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